New Misgivings Single ‘Loyal Souls’ Out Now

The band have decided to celebrate their 10-year existence by releasing the album, ‘Dream Neighbour’, an album that is deeply reflective and has added poignancy during the pandemic where most music players and lovers are taking stock.

Having written, rehearsed and tested the material on the album out prior to entering the session, frontman Will Pearce says that the lyrics are ‘an attempt to build on some of the previous themes of ‘‘Hermitage’ (Lockjaw Records, 2018), about the current human condition, mental health, dependency and loss of reality and try to break through the judgemental tone that many artists inadvertently deviate towards when writing about these topics. It touches on how artistic pursuits can be an individualistic, negative force at times and it’s a bit of a challenge to myself in honesty, to put my money where my mouth is in continuing to be compassionate but having a belief in the way to live and to respond in difficult times.’

The song ‘Loyal Souls’ is available to listen to on all digital music platforms. –

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