Outbreak Fest celebrates 10th year anniversary in 2022

The DIY hardcore punk festival founded in Sheffield in 2011 will be celabrating it’s 10 years as a festival in June of 2022.

We have grown out of the Broomhill youth centre we started in to finally find our home in Manchester at Bowlers Exhibition Centre”

They have invited a few of their friends to celebrate with them, and names already confirmed are Turnstile, Madball, Knocked Loose, Terror, Basement along many others.  

Many other bands that performed in past years include names like Title Fight, Code Orange, Vein, Gorilla Biscuits, Cro-Mags, Breakdown, Citizen, Trapped Under Ice, Terror, Comeback Kid, Cold World, Drug Church, Floorpunch, Angel Dust, Freedom, Fury, Mizery, Backtrack, Harms Way, Dead End Path, Incendiary, Mindset, Stick Together, Take Offense.

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester on 24th / 25th / 26th June 2022. Get tickets here.

Fair Do’s release new single ‘Casket’

Manchester’s melodic hardcore masters Fair Do’s return with a heavy new single. Casket is the first taste of their matured, heavier sound, which incorporates more jagged elements of metal into their signature technical style. This is their first release since the success of their debut album Leopards, landed via Lockjaw Records in 2018.

Casket tackles the theme of late-stage capitalism, decrying that the things we love are covered in blood. In the words of bass player and lyricist, Josh Sumner, “We all want that lovely car or that new phone, but as we consume more and want more, death and the destruction of our civilisation approaches. Our casket moves closer to us.”

The band have always been heavily politically influenced; they were described in the past as ‘a latter-day Propagandhi with a Manchester accent’. Casket is the band’s attempt to explain how the advancement of technology is marred by death – for example, the cobalt and other precious metals used in modern phones are often mined by children in poor welfare conditions. While companies try to sell us a slice of the executive lifestyle, Casket is a reflection on the ultimate downfall of humanity that consumerism could bring.

Since the success of Leopards in 2018, Fair Do’s played a packed-out headline tour in Japan, supported the likes of Lagwagon and Cigar, played on the biggest stage at Manchester Punk Festival, and made jaunts to Germany, Italy and Slovenia.

The COVID-19 pandemic stalled their live plans for 2020, but the break from touring has granted more practice and writing time – vocalist Danny Cummings has gained a new, catchier strain to his vocal, and he and lead guitarist Dave Speechley have added even more technical chops to their six-string skills.

The band’s new music reflects the frustration and hopelessness of the working-class left wing in the past five years, existing in the time of Boris Johnson, Brexit and COVID-19. Fair Do’s have been writing and recording in isolation, during the bleak winter lockdowns, creating an improved, heavier, tighter sound out of a disquieting experience.

Casket is available on digital streaming platforms.

Streaming link: https://fair-dos.lnk.to/casket

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/wGKuQ-owNbU