Rubberband Radio and Legend and the Fatman are partnering up for the release of “Skanka Claus (A Thirty Something Christmas)”. This charity single that will raise money to help the YoungMinds Thrust in their wonderfull work with helping children, young people and their families to cope with Mental Health problems.

The music video will premiere on the 25th November at 6pm UK time, and links to the JustGiving page will be available shortly after for your donations. Please help with what you can to this cause, as 100% of the money raised, will go towards the charity.

Thank You

Fidget and the Twitchers Release Debut Album

Fidget and the Twitchers were formed when Danny Fidget moved from Cornwall to Bristol with a head full of steam and a heart full of Ska. Combining with funk bassist Ben and creative drummer Lloyd, rambunctious horns Anna (Sax) and Tom (Trumpet) soon joined the fray. Having laid down the foundations for flavoursome ska-punk harnessing elements of; punk, ska, swing, funk and hip hop, they’ve created a high energy show with intrigue.

They’ve also now recruited new trombonist Hex (also in Materials) and Louis on Clarinet and are ready to unleash the album’s face-twisting horn lines, topping off rude and catchy punk tunes which are nigh impossible not to bop to.

Since then, FATT have brought their fiery sounds to countless diverse venues, ranging from public parks to underground tunnels. The band felt the need to bottle their fire, so set out to record their debut album: ‘Full Steam Ahead’, out January 7th, 2022 on Bad Granola Records, and the album launch show will be on the 15th January at the Exchange in Bristol.

Brazilian ska punks Abraskadabra release political new song and video.

Full of references to the current disastrous administration of the federal government in Brazil, and also a scolding in those who made this wrong choice that has lasted almost four years, the ska punks Abraskadabra, from Curitiba, releases another single towards the album Make Yourself at Home: it’s about ‘Cattle Life’, now available in digital format (streaming) and video clip.

Watch the clip and listen on digital platforms:

The clip, an animation, was produced by Smart/Bamba, directed by Guilherme Lepca.

Cattle Life is another preview, as well as the single Do We Need a Sign?, for the new full-length that will be available to the public on September 24th by the US label Bad Time Records.

The references in Cattle Life are about each action of the president that affects the lives of Brazilians in general, whether in the consumption of necessary goods, or the decisions taken during the biggest sanitary crisis in the last 100 years, or the mental fatigue promoted with each new speech .

“Music was made with a lot of anger, both in terms of sound and lyrics, everything was just under the skin. It’s brutal and angry, even with muffled thrash metal guitar riffs and a satanic little bell to allude to this man in government. It’s a message to the people who voted for him that they’re paying, in fact, we’re all paying for this guy’s vote”, says Du, the band’s vocalist.

Here begins the new post-Welcome phase, the 2018 album that took Abraskadabra to tour in more than 20 cities in the United States and also passed through Scotland, England in major international festivals (Rebellion Fest, Boomtown Fair, Ska by Skawest). And it even reached Japan.

Abraskadabra’s new home is Bad Time Records, an American record label specializing in ska-punk, focused on artists who talk to the new times. The label will release Make Yourself at Home on streaming and on vinyl.