Dutch skatepunk band Smashed Out release new album

2022 celebrates the ten year anniversary of Northern-Netherlands based punk rockers Smashed Out. Previously known as Shit Hits The Fan, the band released their debut full-length “The First And Worst Record” in 2013 and the “Unstuck In Time” EP in 2015.

Through the years the band did support shows for Toy DollsD.O.A.Capitalist Kids, Aerial Salad, The Real Danger, The Windowsill and others, but for the last six years the band consiously only did one show a year in their hometown of Leeuwarden in The Netherlands. Because why not, right.

Their second full-length album was recorded on various occasions between 2016 and 2019, but never saw the light of day because of other projects and studies going on. Now finally the time has come to put out ten “brand new” punk rock songs crafted with loads of love!

So what’s this like? Fast and catchy, typical Southern-California melodic 90’s skatepunk. Highly recommended for fans of PennywiseNOFXSNFUGuttermouthRKLJughead’s RevengeGood Riddance.

The band’s album title is a play on Lagwagon‘s 1998 album “Let’s Talk About Feelings”. With the album lyrically consisting of only early 90’s Propagandhi-esque tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic and socialcritical subjects having an album titled without much meaning seemed fitting.

“Let’s Talk About Feelings” is available on CD and digitally through The Netherlands based punk rock record label Morning Wood Records at the link below:

Fidget and the Twitchers Release Debut Album

Fidget and the Twitchers were formed when Danny Fidget moved from Cornwall to Bristol with a head full of steam and a heart full of Ska. Combining with funk bassist Ben and creative drummer Lloyd, rambunctious horns Anna (Sax) and Tom (Trumpet) soon joined the fray. Having laid down the foundations for flavoursome ska-punk harnessing elements of; punk, ska, swing, funk and hip hop, they’ve created a high energy show with intrigue.

They’ve also now recruited new trombonist Hex (also in Materials) and Louis on Clarinet and are ready to unleash the album’s face-twisting horn lines, topping off rude and catchy punk tunes which are nigh impossible not to bop to.

Since then, FATT have brought their fiery sounds to countless diverse venues, ranging from public parks to underground tunnels. The band felt the need to bottle their fire, so set out to record their debut album: ‘Full Steam Ahead’, out January 7th, 2022 on Bad Granola Records, and the album launch show will be on the 15th January at the Exchange in Bristol.