Outbreak Fest celebrates 10th year anniversary in 2022

The DIY hardcore punk festival founded in Sheffield in 2011 will be celabrating it’s 10 years as a festival in June of 2022.

We have grown out of the Broomhill youth centre we started in to finally find our home in Manchester at Bowlers Exhibition Centre”

They have invited a few of their friends to celebrate with them, and names already confirmed are Turnstile, Madball, Knocked Loose, Terror, Basement along many others.  

Many other bands that performed in past years include names like Title Fight, Code Orange, Vein, Gorilla Biscuits, Cro-Mags, Breakdown, Citizen, Trapped Under Ice, Terror, Comeback Kid, Cold World, Drug Church, Floorpunch, Angel Dust, Freedom, Fury, Mizery, Backtrack, Harms Way, Dead End Path, Incendiary, Mindset, Stick Together, Take Offense.

Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester on 24th / 25th / 26th June 2022. Get tickets here.

Fair Do’s release new single ‘Casket’

Manchester’s melodic hardcore masters Fair Do’s return with a heavy new single. Casket is the first taste of their matured, heavier sound, which incorporates more jagged elements of metal into their signature technical style. This is their first release since the success of their debut album Leopards, landed via Lockjaw Records in 2018.

Casket tackles the theme of late-stage capitalism, decrying that the things we love are covered in blood. In the words of bass player and lyricist, Josh Sumner, “We all want that lovely car or that new phone, but as we consume more and want more, death and the destruction of our civilisation approaches. Our casket moves closer to us.”

The band have always been heavily politically influenced; they were described in the past as ‘a latter-day Propagandhi with a Manchester accent’. Casket is the band’s attempt to explain how the advancement of technology is marred by death – for example, the cobalt and other precious metals used in modern phones are often mined by children in poor welfare conditions. While companies try to sell us a slice of the executive lifestyle, Casket is a reflection on the ultimate downfall of humanity that consumerism could bring.

Since the success of Leopards in 2018, Fair Do’s played a packed-out headline tour in Japan, supported the likes of Lagwagon and Cigar, played on the biggest stage at Manchester Punk Festival, and made jaunts to Germany, Italy and Slovenia.

The COVID-19 pandemic stalled their live plans for 2020, but the break from touring has granted more practice and writing time – vocalist Danny Cummings has gained a new, catchier strain to his vocal, and he and lead guitarist Dave Speechley have added even more technical chops to their six-string skills.

The band’s new music reflects the frustration and hopelessness of the working-class left wing in the past five years, existing in the time of Boris Johnson, Brexit and COVID-19. Fair Do’s have been writing and recording in isolation, during the bleak winter lockdowns, creating an improved, heavier, tighter sound out of a disquieting experience.

Casket is available on digital streaming platforms.

Streaming link: https://fair-dos.lnk.to/casket

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/wGKuQ-owNbU

Neon Christ shares mini documentary.

Neon Christ, the Atlanta hardcore luminaries founded by Alice in Chains singer William DuVall have announced the official release of 1984 for September 17th. This collaboration between Southern Lord Recordings/DVL Recordings was originally released on Record Store Day, now to be made available more widely. 

o mark the occasion, the band have shared an in-conversation video tracing their beginnings right through to their collaboration with Southern Lord conducted with Atlanta journalist Chad Radford. The band comments, “We gathered at the famed Wuxtry record store in Atlanta to discuss the formation of Neon Christ, the all-analog remastering process for the ‘1984’ album, and much more. It’s a revealing look at the band and an illuminating glimpse into the earliest days of the Atlanta hardcore scene.”

Neon Christ shared the stage with the luminaries of 80s hardcore including the Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, and Corrosion of Conformity. In 1985, the band added Shawn Devine on second guitar, as their sound and songs became slower, heavier, and more melodic. DuVall wrote an album’s worth of songs in 1985, but only “Savior (Drawn In)” was ever recorded in what would be the band’s final studio session on December 26, 1985 (the master tapes were lost). Returning to the four-piece original lineup, the band played a handful of Atlanta shows and then took a break in March of 1986. A few months later, William moved to Santa Cruz, CA, to join BL’AST!, and Jimmy, Danny, and Randy formed Gardens of…William later founded jazz/punk/world improvisers No Walls. In 1999, he would form Comes With The Fall and move the band to Los Angeles, where he struck up a friendship and musical collaboration with Jerry Cantrell. William joined Alice in Chains as vocalist and guitarist in 2006. On February 2, 2008, Neon Christ reunited to headline the Ratlanta Punkfest 2.

To this day, the band members maintain a close friendship, as well as a desire to honor the legacy of the group. So when longtime fan Greg Anderson of Southern Lord contacted them about reissuing a deluxe edition of Neon Christ’s 1984 sessions, “1984” quickly came to life. To remaster the original tapes using an all-analog process, William DuVall made multiple trips to Nashville to one of the few remaining studios maintaining the vintage technology to play and process the audio. Side one of “1984” features the original Neon Christ 7″ EP, and side two contains the four songs of the Labor Day session, all on heavyweight vinyl at 45 RPM for maximum fidelity.

The package includes a full-color gatefold sleeve and a 12-page oral history booklet featuring dozens of never-before-seen photographs.

Lockjaw Records Announce Black Lives Matter Charity Compilation

UK/EU Punk & Hardcore record label, Lockjaw Records, has just announced their new charity compilation for Black Lives Matter, which will be released on the 27th of August.
The compilation has 13 bands announced so far, with more scene favourites, new bands and songs out of the punk genre to be announced over the next few months.

All profits will go in aid of Black Minds Matter Charity (UK) and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (US), to help battle racism and inequality.

“After the murder of George Floyd, we participated in Black Out Tuesday and since then we’ve been having meetings to discuss what we could within our sphere and scene to address the issues of structural racism and representation.” Label manager, Lesley-Anne O’Brien explains.
“The punk and hardcore scene is really white. We felt the best way to address the issue of representation was to create a compilation that features tracks from people of colour within the punk genre, and tracks from outside the genre that have a ‘punk attitude’ & energy. We need to look outside of our scene and we can hopefully find some commonalities which we can enjoy and celebrate. And of course, we’ve got some great tracks from bands in the scene dealing with themes of anti-racism and social justice”

The bands so far announced are, Drones, La Armada, Belvedere, Straightline, Haest, 3LH, Edward In Venice, Sounds Of Swami, Midwich Cuckoos, Triple Sundae, Rundown Kreeps & Love Again. 

Lockjaw Records are hoping to beath the target from their last charity compilation, which raised over £750.

Bowling For Soup are getting old in new music video

The american rock band originally formed in Wichita Falls, Texas has released a new video for the track “Getting Old Sucks” (But Everybody’s Doing It). They were due to be part of the line up for this years Rebellion Punk Festival in August, but sadly this has been postponed until 2022.


We hope to see the boys rocking the UK in 2022.

New Misgivings Single ‘Loyal Souls’ Out Now

The band have decided to celebrate their 10-year existence by releasing the album, ‘Dream Neighbour’, an album that is deeply reflective and has added poignancy during the pandemic where most music players and lovers are taking stock.

Having written, rehearsed and tested the material on the album out prior to entering the session, frontman Will Pearce says that the lyrics are ‘an attempt to build on some of the previous themes of ‘‘Hermitage’ (Lockjaw Records, 2018), about the current human condition, mental health, dependency and loss of reality and try to break through the judgemental tone that many artists inadvertently deviate towards when writing about these topics. It touches on how artistic pursuits can be an individualistic, negative force at times and it’s a bit of a challenge to myself in honesty, to put my money where my mouth is in continuing to be compassionate but having a belief in the way to live and to respond in difficult times.’

The song ‘Loyal Souls’ is available to listen to on all digital music platforms. – https://misgivings.lnk.to/loyalsouls

Prey Drive release new single ‘Socrates’ alongside music video and EP preorders.

Norwich-based alternative four-piece PREY DRIVE have released new track ‘Socrates’, from their upcoming ‘Neon God’ EP, out 28 May via Lockjaw Records. 
The accompanying music video, the second in a trilogy, sees singer Bradley Smith confronting himself as he comes face-to-face with his evil doppleganger.

Bradley says of the new track, which sees the band get a little darker and heavier, “Socrates is about growing older, while your body is slowly falling apart. Trends coming back into fashion that you remember the first time around. Experiences that you have to go through in adult life, like marriage, divorce and unfaithfulness making your perception of life and love slightly bitter. Relying on medication so your body doesn’t destroy itself prematurely. Wanting to go back to a simpler time. It’s all about having the years of life experience and wisdom on your side but not the optimism you had in your youth.”

He adds, “The song incorporates a quote from ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ in which Ted befriends Socrates by being philosophical with him saying, ‘all we are….is dust in the wind, dude’. I used this as a metaphor meaning that we basically only have a short time on this earth and things will keep on spinning long after we are gone, like they did before we were even here. So make the most of it. I used this just to sum up the whole theme of the song.”

‘Neon God’ is Prey Drive’s first release with label Lockjaw Records and comprises five new tracks following themes of hopelessness, fear of an ever-growing technological future, and our dependence on devices like our phones and the internet to actually be able to live in it and not feel like you’re missing out.

Listeners can expect a powerhouse of authoritative rock riffs intertwined with intricate mathematical lead lines and a dream-like ambience, with soaring vocals soaked in canorous harmonies. The lyrics reflect on self-frustration and the personal challenges of adhering with society’s expectations – something we can all relate to.

Neon God is now available for preorder in two vinyl variants with merch bundle options, via the Lockjaw Records website.
Shop link: 

Misgivings launch new single ‘You Don’t Depend On Anyone’

Approaching the tail end of a decade as a band, Misgivings are back with ‘Dream Neighbour’ the follow up to their debut album ‘Hermitage’ (Lockjaw Records, 2018), further expanding upon the quartet’s approach to classic British punk rock poured through an indie/power pop filter. The band’s sound is a love letter to the British influences on American indie rock classics such as Husker Du, Guided by Voices and Jawbreaker, while also drawing inspiration from the fine example set on the South Coast by bands such as The Stayawakes, Latchstring & Harke.

Frontman, Will Pearce’s songwriting and lyrics are reflective, and even more-so on this album. The third track from the album, ‘You Don’t Depend On Anyone’ explores his creative process. “This song is what set the theme of the record for me, how the nature of music and lyric writing can sometimes lead you down a negative path. The lyrics are very raw to me. ‘You’ve never said the words, you’ve only written’; in life we have this beautiful way where we can write and be heard, whether we are writing lyrics, writing stories or sharing our thoughts online, and a desire to be individualistic as we do these things, but the real beauty in life is when we get to the point where we can share it with others, and we all can struggle with that part.”

This healthier view on life is hardly coming from a preachy place, and the learning is still stirred in with humour and enthusiasm, “I’m enjoying the irony of releasing a song called ‘Sober Forever’ when we’re a band who once released a t-shirt with a skull drinking a beer and smoking a bong, so it’s one of our ‘growing’ songs but I don’t think it’s a grower, I think it’s an instant hit.”

The song ‘You Don’t Depend On Anyone’ is available to listen to on all digital music platforms. – https://misgivings.lnk.to/yddoa